Choc Chiffon with Choc-chips

To all chocolate lover like me, another tasty recipe that yield moist, light & fluffy chocolate chiffon cake, shared by Hearty Bakes, and here I am submitting Aspiring Bakers #7 – Chocolate Delight (May 2011).

Source : Chiffon Cake Book via Hearty Bakes.

100 gr Couverture Chocolate (chopped)
10 ml Corn oil

3 Egg yolks
20 gr Sugar

40 ml Water

60 gr Cake flour
10 gr Cocoa powder
½ tsp Baking powder

5 Egg whites
40g Sugar

2-1/2 tbsp Choc-chips

- Double boil to melt (A). Stir till smooth.
- Preheat oven to 170 deg C
- In another bowl, whisk (B) till pale in colour. Add in melted choc (A) mixture, add (C) stir till combine.
- Add in (D), fold till mixture well-mixed.
- In another bowl, whisk egg whites till frothy, add sugar. Whisk till soft peak.
- Fold gently 1/3 whites with chocolate mixture, then fold it back to balance of whites.
- Add in (F) to the batter, mix well.
- Pour batter into 7” cake pan or 20 inch chiffon tube pan.
- Bake for 40 mins or until cooked.
- Remove from oven, invert cake onto table until completely cooled.

I love chocolatey / dark colour of chocolate cake, however, here mine not so dark compare to hers. Anybody maybe would like to share on your experience or tips on how to get a darker chocolate cake.
PS: She used Varlhona Bitter chocolate while I used Couverture chocolate.


  1. wow.. enak bangat nampaknya.lama udah aku tak buat kek chiffon. ada coklat chipnya lagi enak ya

  2. Hi DG,
    The cake looks so delicious. I'll definitely try it soon. I tried baking chocolate chiffon once and it turned out tall and steady but there were still a few spots of egg whites so the cake looked weird with white spots on brown face. I guess I did a poor job mixing and blending. But your recipe sounds great. Double chocolate is double pleasure for my elder son, who is a fan of chocolate :).
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Wow.... i love it so much. : ) :)

  4. Sure looks chocolatey and soft! A lovely chiffon!

  5. Hi Doris! Nice one! I tried making chiffon cake with chocolate chips b4, and all chips fell right to the bottom..hehe..yours look perfect!

  6. Cake looks super soft and delicious! :D

  7. it looks soft and fluffy, yet good enough to hold those chocolate chips in place!

  8. Thanks Izahdaut, Chiffon ini bener bener enak! Boleh coba, anak2x pasti suka :)

    Thank you. From my experience to make chiffon, I prefer to beat the egg whites upto soft or medium peak, but not stiff peak, as I found the former is easier to blend with the egg yolk batter. Try again with this recipe, your son & family will certainly enjoy this :)

    Joseline, Busygran and Love2Cook,
    Thank you for kind words :))

    Thanks, in fact I was scared too when did the folding, but I just lucky with the end result that the choc chips floating :)

  9. eileen@hundred eighty degreesMay 31, 2011 at 9:25 PM

    Cake looks soft and moist. Yummy!

  10. the cake look so soft and fluffy! yes, use valrhona. it really makes the difference to achieve dark choc taste that you'll love! (:

  11. yum! chocolate + chocolate chips = love of my life :P

  12. Wow ... This is superb chiffon cake. Haven't tried baking one yet.. Scaredy cat of sinking chiffon :)