Japanese Cotton Cheesecake - Revisited

I baked this 6" cheesecake to celebrate my colleague V’s birthday. I’m glad they like it and gave good reviews on it :)

If you are interested in giving this cake a try, please see the below recipe. However, if you prefer 8" size, please refer here.

125 gr Cream Cheese, softened
25 gr Salted Butter, softened
50 ml Fresh Milk
½ tbsp Lemon Juice

3 Egg Yolks
30 gr Cake flour
10 gr Corn flour
pinch of salt

3 Egg Whites
1/8 tsp Cream of tartar
70 gr Caster Sugar

- Preheat oven 160C **.
- Place the softened cream cheese, butter and fresh milk in a mixing bowl and stir over double-boiler until melt and mixture is thick and creamy. Remove it from double-boiler to cool.
- Upon slightly cool, add in the egg yolks, cake flour, corn flour and lemon juice. Mix until well combined.
- Sieve the egg yolk and flour mixture into another clean bowl. Set aside.
- In another bowl, whip the egg whites in till foamy, add in cream of tartar, continue to whisk. Gradually add in the caster sugar, whisk till soft/medium peaks form.
- Add one-third of egg whites mixture into the cheese mixture and use whisk to stir well. Continue to fold gently with the balance egg white mixture until incorporated.
- Pour into the pan with grease paper and bake in water bath for 1 hour 10 mins or until set and golden brown.
- Leave to cool in oven for at least 10 mins with open door ajar. Unmold the cake, leave it cool before refrigerating it for at least 4 hours.

** For my oven, I first baked for 20 mins at 180C and changed to 160C for another 45 mins.


  1. Beautifully baked, DG! I have not been so successful :(

    1. Thank you Phong Hong, but, at least I saw your succesfully japanese cheesecake using this recipe too :)

  2. Oh.. I really like e light texture of jap cheesecake.

  3. Wow ... I still havent try this ...

    1. Yummy Bakes, don't delay, try it! Sure you will like this too.

  4. DG, yr cotton cheesecake never went wrong.. my 1st attempt in it, i love it very much:)

  5. I have too too long did not attempt this cheesecake again, because I have to keep trying new recipe, hehehe..Thanks for this sweet reminds..

  6. DG,
    Your cotton cheesecake is nicely baked.
    Love the beautifully browned top.. = )

  7. Hi, may I know roughly how tall is your cake? I baked in a 7 inch round pan and only got a 1 inch cake :( and the sides shrunk a lot.

  8. Hi Ying,

    My cake is about 2 inch high in 6 inch round pan. Usually for 7 or 8 inch round pan, you need to double up the recipe (original recipe), then you will get nicer height for your cake.

    Sorry to hear abour the shrunk, did you bake in 160C or 180C? Usually for my experience, I prefer to bake high cake in 160C with extra time.

    For detail tips & tricks for the same recipe, you may hop on to the Little Teowchew :

    Happy Baking!