Three Ingredients Chocolate Mousse

Love this recipe very much, so easy to prepare and taste super delicious.

Ingredients :
200 gr Dark chocolate ( at least 70% cocoa solids), chopped
500 ml cream (half use for chocolate & half whipped)
100 gr Marshmallow

Optional : Chocolate sponge cake (I put it in between the mouse)

- Melt chocolate, half the cream (250ml) and the marshmallows using double boil method, stir until melted and incorporated. Remove from heat, set aside and leave to cool.
- Beat remaining cream to soft peaks and fold through chocolate mixture.
- Pour into the mould and chill in refrigerator till set ( at least 6 hours before serving )

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  1. Hi DG, these chocolate mousse cakes look superb! Thanks for sharing it to BREE! :)

  2. DG, this is a wonderful dessert! I like the addition of sponge cake.