Watermelon Steamcakes (Huat Kueh)

Source : IGer’s @stellakam76

Here is the recipe with modification:
2 Egg
200 gr Sugar
125 ml Sprite (or other carbonated drinks)
1 tsp Emulsifier (or sponge gel)
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
200 gr Plain Flour

Colouring : Red, Yellow and Green

- Prepare the steamer until hot
- Beat egg, sugar, sprite, sponge gel and vanilla using high speed until slightly thick, while beating slowly add flour, and beat until batter thick (around 15-20 mins for whole process)
- Pour the batter until 90% full in the cupcakes mould for the main colour (red or yellow), then pipe white batter in the small circle (see picture no.1), then pipe the green colour cover the whole circle (see below picture no. 2&3), final : with the help of tooth picks using green colouring to make the lines (see picture no.4).
- Place it on the steamer and steam with high fire for 15 minutes. (Do not open the lid during the steamed process).

Yields : 12 pcs

Notes :
- Make sure cover the steamer lid with the napkin cloth, just to prevent the water drip into the cake (see my previous post).
- Use new bottle of carbonated drinks (not the one that had opened before)

Here is the youtube link, I find it quite useful :


  1. if i have no sponge gel what can i use?

    1. Hi Betsy,
      You may use SPor Ovalette. If really don't have, you can try to do without it, make sure you have to beat the batter until really thick 15-20 mins.

  2. They are so colorful and cute!

  3. Why are you using the tin cans under your paper cupcakes? =)

    1. Those to support the cupcake paper (soft type), which normally use for muffin. You can skip the tin cans, and directly use hard type of paper/plastic cupcakes holder. Of course, the bigger diameter cupcakes will give nicer bloom. Hope this may clarify it.