Cheese Sago Cookies

Finally I got chance to bake this recipe that found at Enjoyable Baking. I didn’t manage to pipe it nicely as hers, then I decided pipe into small O ring. These cookies are just melt-in your mouth, with the taste of butter and cheese.

Original recipe source : 52 Kue Popular Sedap

220 gr Sago Flour, Fried 10 minutes, and shift weigh for 180 gr, let it cold
100 gr Margarine ( I put 50 gr Margarine & 50 gr Butter)
100 gr Icing Sugar ( I used 80gr )
1 Egg yolk
75 gr Cheddar Cheese, shredded
35 ml Instant coconut milk

- Preheat 150C (My oven preheated using 180C)
- Whisk margarine, butter and icing sugar around 40 seconds, add egg yolk, mixed well.
- Add Sago Flour, mixed well. Add shredded cheese, mixed well.
- Add coconut milk and milk (optional), mixed well.
- Using a piping bag and a tip, pipe out the cookie into desired shape on grease paper. If
the batter is too stiff for piping, add in a little milk at a time to a more manageable batter.
- Bake in 15 mins till lightly brown


  1. Hi Doris,

    Is this the same as Bengawan Cheese Cookies? I must put this on my bakes list next year. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Happy Flour,

    I have not tried theirs yet, but I guess something similar too. Just, they put the shredded cheese on top instead of mixed it.

  3. Doris, looks nice. I think I have to try after cny.