Happy 101 Award

Wendy has nominated me for the Happy 101 Award. This is award #2 for me, it makes me feel good. Thanks again Wendy for the award :)

Having the picture of the award posted onto your blog, one should
- Share the 10 things in life that make you happy with your readers
- Pass on the award to 10 other bloggers who brighten up your day
- Share the links to the 10 bloggers', as mentioned above, on your blog
- Get the 10 bloggers informed about the award
- Ask the 10 award recipients to relink their blogs to yours.

10 things that make me happy:
- My Family
- My Friends
- Baking
- Eating
- Photography
- Good drama series or movie
- On-line world
- A good Reflexology
- Weekends
- Vacation

10 blogs that I would like to pass on:
- Happy Flour
- Fatmumbaking
- Selby’s Food Corner
- Cook.Bake.Love
- Christine Recipe’s Blog
- Me & Mybakez
- Honey Bee Sweets
- Camelia at Home


  1. Thank u for the award. I have picked it up.

  2. Thanks for passing me this award :)

  3. Thank u DG... I oso picked-up my award liao :D

  4. DG, thanks for passing a 2nd award to me! :)

  5. Wow, you've got me an award too but don't remember you told me. Anyway, am very happy to accept it. TQ.