Passion Fruit Agar-agar

Passion Fruit Agar-agar ingredients:
600 ml Water
9 gr Agar-agar powder
120 gr Sugar
65 gr Passion Fruit juice (extract from 5 pcs Passion Fruit)
Few drops yellow colour (optional)
Passion Fruit seeds (optional)

Milk Agar-agar ingredients:
200 ml Milk
3 gr Agar-agar powder
1 tsp Sugar

Method:- Boil the Passion Fruit agar-agar (except Passion Fruit) till boiling.
- Once boil, switch off the fire, then pour in Passion Fruit Juice (and yellow colour), mix well.
- Pour into the mould. Leave it to half set.
- Boil the Milk Agar-agar till boiling.
- Pour in the milk agar-agar on top of Passion Fruit agar-agar.
- Let it cool, chill till set.
- Best serve chilled.

Note :Don’t boil the Passion Fruit Juice together with the agar-agar mixture, as this is to maintain the original taste or fragrant of the juice.


  1. Look cutes with the passion fruit seeds on it and really refreshing for this super hot weather.

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    Thanks for the words of encouragement :)

  3. These look so pretty and refreshingly good. Great for parties.

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  6. Very pretty suns.....
    Look like flowers as well.
    Awwww... sweet sweet..

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