Multi-colour Sago Jelly

Multi-colour Sago Jelly (recipe taken from Delightful Sweet Treats)
Tested recipe by : Baking Mum

Ingredients :
70 gm sago

2 tbsp agar agar powder
220 g caster sugar (I use only 180 g)
½ tsp salt
300 ml thick coconut milk
1000 ml water

Yellow, Red and Green colouring (optional)

Method :
- Cook sago until transparent. Wash and drain dry. Divide into 3 portions and colour each portion of sago.
- Boil ingredients (B) and sieve. Divide above into 3 portions. Add each colour sago into each portion.
- Pour first portion into a mould. When slightly harden, pour second portion in. Let is set a little and followed by third portion. Do this until you finish all the portions.
- Chill well before unmoulding.


  1. waduh tambah jago aja nih bikin kuenya :) cia you yah! mana tau nanti bisa ada toko sendiri kayak mama dulu hehehe.

  2. wow doris u r great the jelly look yummy yummy, u r really into it ya keep it up.

  3. Hi Dione,

    Thanks for your compliment, still got to learn from you.