Black Glutinous Chiffon Cake

I read quite lots recommendation on this cake, therefore I bought the black glutinous flour quite sometimes ago from Indonesia. But only now then I got chance to use it. There are quite varieties of recipes if you search under “Ketan Hitam Chiffon”, and here I tried on Fatmah Bahalwan recipe. I reduced on 25gr on the sugar, and I still found a bit sweet, maybe can reduce further 15gr. This cake is just as soft as other chiffon cake and it has a unique taste, just exactly like black glutinous rice porridge with coconut milk. :)

Ingredients: (Updated by 09/07/2010)
160 gr Egg yolks
75 gr Caster sugar (I used 50 gr, however, can reduced further to 35 gr)
1 tsp Vanilla essence (I omit this)

240 gr Egg whites
125 gr Caster sugar
1 tsp salt (I used ½ tsp)

50 gr Plain flour
100 gr Black Glutinous flour
1 tsp Baking Powder Double Acting

150 ml Instant coconut milk (I used KARA)
3 tbsp Oil

- Use hand whisk A until creamy.
- Then by using mixer beat B until stiff.
- Pour B to A partially (around 3 times). Then Pour C, then D mixed well.
(I followed the usual method, I mixed C and D to A creamy mixture, then mixed with B)
- Pour into tube pan, then bake into preheated oven of 150C for 90 minutes or until cook.
- Invert the cake for cool down process.
- Remove the cake once cool down and serve.

Here is how the black glutinous flour look like.


  1. DG, Nice hitam chiffon. Agreed with u this chiffon have an unique taste. :) I jst cam back from batam don't know that they sell such ready flour. Else sure lug back few packets haha...

  2. Aiyoh no need to buy this flour. I still got left 400g, now headache have to think how to make use all of this. Btw, you need only 100g to bake this chiffon. I don't mind to share with you if you like to try it. :)

  3. Hi Doris,

    Your chiffon cake look very well done and sedap. Keep it up. :) Can share 100g of the Black Glutinous flour with me too.

  4. Sure Happy Flour, my pleasure :)

  5. Wow, never heard that glutinous flour can be used for making chiffon cakes!!

    I'll try this if I can get the black glutinous flour, I've seen it before somewhere..but where? Need to find it :)

  6. Hi Wendyywy,

    If you are in Sg, then I will be happy to share the remaining flour with you. :)

    I really hope that you can find the flour in Malaysia.

  7. Hi DG, do you still have the black glutinous flour? If so, can share with me?

    I am living in Singapore and is interested to try this cake.

    Hear from you!

  8. Hi DG,

    Do you have the recipe in English? :)

  9. Hi Homegirl,

    Yes, I still have it and I think just enough for one cake. You can leave your email in this post, and I will reply you.

  10. Hi DG,

    Just want to say thank you for sharing the flour with me. The recipe (I follow your steps) is very detailed and clear. The chiffon cake I made is a great success and light. :)

  11. Hi Homegirl,
    Thanks for sharing with me about this and very happy to hear that you succesfully baked it. :)

    If you still got a bit left over glutinous flour, you may try on this too.

  12. Hi DG,

    Okie! Let me take a look at the swiss roll. Heh... :)

  13. Hai Wendy
    waaa..suka sangat tengok kek pulut hitam ni...hehehe Rahel pun baru plan nak buat...best2.