Homemade Pizza

I made simple pizza last weekend. Browsing thru internet and finally decided on this. The texture was soft, good  taste and easy to make. I only used normal ketchup sauce for the tomato paste, added diced ham, sausages, mushroom and pineapple. Finally sprinkle cheddar & mozerella cheese on top.

Pizza Base Recipe from 专业面包甜品制作 via Fatmum

115 gr Bread flour
115 gr Plain flour
5 gr Salt ( I only used ½ tsp )
20gr Oil
1/2 Egg

115g Warm water
4 gr Yeast
½ tsp Sugar

- Dissolve Yeast and sugar into warm water until bubbling (or around 5-10 mins)
- Mixed all ingredients together.
- First proofing @ 2hrs ( I only proof for 1 hours) or till 2.5-3 times the size.
- Second proofing 30mins.
- Bake in preheated oven of 200C for 20mins or till golden brown.

Yield : 2 pcs 10 inch pizza base

If you bored just to make standard size pizza, and you want a bit challenge … try make cheesy bites surrounding the pizza, you may hop to Fatmum’s blog and see how creative she is.


  1. It's been a while since I last baked a pizza, seeing your delicious pizza make my hand itchy ^_^

  2. great job! is so lovely and mouthwatering! (:

  3. Mmmm....delicious. Wish I can have this for lunch!

  4. nothing beats home made pizza! yummylicious!

  5. wow, so much filling in there..dominos have to step aside!

  6. WOW Doris! Your pizza looks good! Please share some :)

  7. yum yum!!! thks for the recipe!
    are u using instant yeast?

  8. hey doris,

    this is good stuff.. lots of ingredients and cheese, the way i like it. looks better than store bought one =].

  9. You know, I have always wanted to make pizza and have even bought a pizza pan for it! You've just reminded me to make it!

  10. You reminded me that I have not made pizza long time for my family, is time for me to make it once my engery is back.

  11. I love homemade pizza with lots of cheese! Yours are so yummy & cheesy!

  12. Neyeeloh,
    Don’t wait anymore, make another one :)

    The Sweetylicious,
    Thanks for the lovely comments.

    I wish you here too, so we can enjoy it together.

    Thank you, J3ss.

    Hahaha … Thanks for your cute comments, however, I’m not as pro as Domino pizza.

  13. Anncoo,
    Thank you, sure anytime you just say it :)

    Yes, I used instant yeast, try it whenever you are free, sure your family will love this.

    Hahahaha … What are you waiting for? Go and dig out your pizza pan & start make it asap :)

    Sure! You will make it much better than mine :)

    Bakertan & Wen,
    Thanks for the compliments. Homemade pizza is simply the best, you can just add any ingredients & any cheese you want, no restriction on the quantity :)

  14. Doris, your pizza looks good. I have never make a pizza and have not eaten pizza for a while. Hey, when you make again, remember to call me ok, am so near you should have some priority..... hahaha.

  15. I love homemade pizza, u can put everything under the sun on it! Your pizza looks delicious!

  16. Yummy Koh,
    Hahahaha .... Sure, no problem! Will keep you in mind :)

    Thank you, ya ... just dump everything that you want to eat ... LOL.

  17. You do not need to knead the dough ?