Soft Walnut Chocolate Cake

This recipe caught of my eyes because of the method which is something different to the usual way of making butter cake. Here, all the ingredients are beat at one go and later mix with the creamy butter. It really yielded soft & light cake in texture and the cake was well received by my family and friends.

Source : Delicious Cakes - Amy Heng

The ingredients:
6 cold eggs
40 ml cold water
1/2 tbsp ovalette
200g caster sugar

250g cake flour
1 tsp baking powder

250g butter
1 tsp vanilla essence

100g chopped walnuts
150g chocolate rice

- Line and grease a 10" square tin. Preheat oven at 170 degree.
- In a mixing bowl whisk the eggs, cold water, caster sugar, ovalette and the flour at top speed until the mixture turn thick and fluffy. Leave aside.
- In another bowl, beat the butter and the vanilla until light and creamy.
- Mix the creamy butter and the egg mixture together until well blended.
- Lastly add in the chopped walnut and chocolate. Pour into the prepared tin and top with the remaining chocolate rice.
- Bake in preheated oven for 40-50 minutes or until well done


  1. The method of making this cake is very different from the usual butter cake and the texture is very soft and fluffy. Thanks for sharing this recipe. This will be in my to-bake list.

  2. this cake sounds and look great! thanks DG for sharing! bookmarked!

  3. happy new year DG wah nak cake tu nmpk soooo sedap

  4. Gorgeous and tempting, will try over the weekend. Thanks for the recipe.

  5. nampak gebu kek nih! ader lagi tak DG?

  6. It looks really moist and delicious. Would be so good with a cup of milk....mmm

  7. Combination of walnut and chocolate rice is great, I wanna try this too!

  8. Nicely baked cake, looks so soft & tasty :)

  9. it looks really moist, soft and YUMMY! (: definitely somthing different. can i replace or omit ovalette? thank you! (:

  10. I love to try this out too. Looks so soft! Thanks for sharing!

  11. your walnut cake sure looks soft and fluffy, think it'll be a hit with my family as well, especially my mom who loves soft light cakes

  12. hi dg, i've made this cake before and it was so good and so soft, probably also due to the ovalette...i remember i baked this for a friend and once she opened up the box, wooh, the smell from the choc and butter got her irresistible!

  13. Zoe, Jess, Paty, Min and Wen,
    Thanks so much for your kind words. Do try this simple cake out, I think you all will like it.

    Thanks Chik Mimi :)

    Hana, Thanks … tapi sayank udah abis ludes!

    Hope we can enjoy it together :)

    Thanks for your nice words.

    The Sweetylicious,
    Hm … I guess not, Ovalette is a cake emulsifier/stabilizer that keeps the volume of the batter, therefore produce the cakes a super fine texture. (You may refer to
    Btw, have you received my email?

    I’m sure they will like as much as my family :)

    Hahaha … actually the look … it’s a bit ugly/mess due to the choc rice, but once you try it … then you want more :)

  14. WOW...definitely a soft cake! Am famished! :D

  15. DG..look so softttt... waaahh mseti sedap bila digigit ni...sunngguh sedap dilihat dan menggoda seh

  16. I had tried out this recipe too. It true the cake is soft and light.

  17. It really looks moist and delicious. You've also plated it beautifully. I have to try this method of cake baking. I hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  18. After all the heavy cakes and tarts from Chinese new year, this lightness is such a change!

  19. Love2Cook & Izahdaut,
    Thank you for your kind words.

    Happy Flour,
    Hi5!! Glad to know that you tried this too :)

    Thanks for visiting again. Have a try and see the differences. :)

    Thanks Shirley for you nice comments :)

  20. wow, this looks really light and fluffy! :)

  21. Beat the flour with eggs, cold water, and caster sugar first? Very interesting, thks for sharing, if not I dont think I hv the courage to try this method ^_^

  22. wow...looks ultra deli, soft and spongy! Just the type I like! Gonna bake this right away. One question tho,how's the sweetnessof the cake? Can I reduce the amount of sugar? Thanks DG! Will keep u update :)

  23. Crustabakes, Thank you!

    It's actually similar beating just like making cake using optima flour ... hahaha ... Why not to try this out, sure you will do much better than me :)

    Hearty Bakes,
    Sorry, just saw it now. The sweetness still okay for my taste, but if you prefer not too sweet, you can reduce further the sugar 20-30 gr.
    Just be careful on the mixing creamy butter & egg mixture stage, do it slowly with mixer.
    Looking forward to your beautiful baking soon :)

  24. Thanks DG for your reply. Will keep u update upon bake and post :) Happy Baking!

  25. Baked this cake, it's good!

  26. Anonymous,
    Thanks for leaving a comment and glad to know that you like it :)

  27. Hi,

    this cake looks so moist,cant wait to try...when you mix the creamy butter with the egg mixture,do you mix them by hand?or with mixer on low speed? Is it hard to mix them? I am imagining that the egg mixture is thickly runny and the creamy butter is not that runny,will it work to mix them together by hand?

    Love your blog ;)


  28. Hi Anon,
    Actually, the cake more towards buttery & fluffy texture. I will suggest that once you creamy butter ready beated, while keep beating (I used hand mixer), add the egg mixture slowly or partially into the creamy butter until well blended (make sure not too long beaten).

    Happy Baking!! :)

  29. Can I check when you add in the ovalette? Mix with the caster sugar, water and eggs?

  30. Hi Anon,
    Yup, you can add in together with the sugar, water and eggs, beat it together. Thanks for spotting it, I revised it already. :)

  31. Hi,

    Can I add chopped walnuts on top of the cake? will it get burn?

  32. Sorry to disturb, beat the butter and Vanilla at high or low speed? How do I mix the creamy butter and egg mixture, is it folding method or just stirring? Thanks

  33. Hi Anon,

    You may add the chopped the walnuts on top of the cake. Different type of oven resulted differently, you may know your oven charateristic. Like my oven, usually I will baked first until the walnut half-cook before add on the cake. However, if you oven is hot type, then you can straight away add on top of your cake before baking.

    The butter and vanilla beat on high speed until the butter turn pale & fluffy.

    Happy Baking!

  34. Hi Anon,
    For my case, the hardest part is when you mixing the butter and egg mixture. Please take note, slowly pour partially the egg mixture into butter while mixing, and not overmix it.

  35. hi, want to try this cake but dont know where to get ovalette from, or what to substitute it with?

    1. Hi Anon,
      You may get the ovalette (or other name SP) at any supermarket. The look likes gel and the colour is normally orange or light pink. Happy Baking :)