Chocolate Sponge Pancake

These pancakes were our family breakfast this morning. When I first saw Wendy blog about her fluffy pancake, everything looks so simple and easy. I had no worry for making the batter, however when come to frying stage hehehehe …. it’s a bit tricky here …..  but once you can handle the fire ….. sure …. making this pancake is quite easy. (see below picture for my pancake frying adventure ... at least got improvement, right?) I really enjoy the fun of making this. :)

Here are the simple ingredients that I used.

Sponge Pancake adapted from Wendy

2 eggs
2 tbsp sugar
2 Tbsp all purpose flour (I used 1.5 tbsp flour + ½ tbsp cocoa powder)
A bit of butter for frying
Chocolate chips / Almond flakes (optional)

1. Separate the eggs and beat egg whites until frothy and add in sugar and beat until medium stiff peaks (egg whites has a very droopy hook and doesn't slide off the bowl).
2. Put in egg yolks and mix.
3. Sift in flour (just use a coffee strainer) and fold into the eggs.
4. Heat a 9 inch pan on medium and put in 1/2 tsp butter. Swirl it around to coat and pour the excess into batter.
5. Lightly fold the batter to incorporate.
6. Turn heat to medium low (very small fire on outer ring or just use low) and pour in all the batter.
7.Cover with lid and cook until sides look golden, and center of pancake is almost cooked. Sprinkle chocolate chips/almond flakes toppings as desired. Cook for a while.
8. Flip into half or flip onto plate

Actually this is my second time making this, as the first one I cannot submit because I used cutter to trim the side. Now, I am submitting these pancakes to Sponge Pancake Giveaways entry organised by Wendy. We like the pancake, the taste is delicious. The texture is light, spongy and stay soft even already cool down. Thanks Wendy for sharing this.

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  1. Looks delicious! The appearance reminds me of min chang kueh (peanut pancakes), especially when you fold it in half. Love your choc and almond combo with the choc drizzled over it :)

  2. Your chocolate pancake looks good! Very creative :)

  3. These look good!!!
    Thanks for participating

  4. Lovely pancake for weekend breakfast!

  5. Way to go! Chocolate pancakes are awesome!

  6. NEL,
    Thanks! Ya ya the appearance really look like min chang kueh LOL, but the texture ... I can say this one much much better because it is softer :)

    Thanks for the compliments.

    Thank you for organising this, so I can taste this delicious pancake :)

    Previously I was not able get it right the last round. Yipee I got successful now :)

    Thanks for your encouragement words :D

  7. i love this looks soft and delicious!

  8. Simple yet delicious pancake ^_^

  9. Hi DG,

    First time to your droolworthy space! ;)

    Yummy pancakes over there, sad I can't grab them! :D

  10. Looking really good,DG! I think you stand a good chance to win the challenge :)

  11. i can understand your slight fear over frying these. I am utterly hopeless when it comes to handling food over the stove! U definitely did well with these!

  12. Saw the similar post by J3ss...sound very interesting to make spongecake into pancake :D

  13. J3ss,
    Yes, this pancake is soft, just like eating the cake, right? Your pancake looks super delicious too. :)

    Neyeeloh, Thank you.

    Thanks for dropping by & lovely comments.
    You’ve got a wonderful blog, I will visit your blog regularly for some latest post :)

    Thanks Shirley! I am flattered by your nice comment :) I am joining for the fun, everyone stand a chance to win :)

    Thank you. I did my first batch which was really ugly, until I used cutter to make it look more presentable … :) but too bad it broke rule no.2. Since the recipe is very simple, I give another try.

    Yes …. It’s a quite challenging hehehehe ….. You should try and sure your kids will like it.