Macaroni Schotel (Macaroni Cheese)

Here is another yummy food that I had bookmarked the recipe from Everything4sweets, and baked this macaroni Schotel for last week gathering. I scaled down the recipe, because I baked only in small portion.

Macaroni Schotel is actually slightly different from other normal macaroni cheese, as additional ingredients like meat & sausages add in to the recipe. So even you are not macaroni or cheese lover, you will sure like this :)

Original recipe from this site.
125 gr Macaroni elbow, boil up to 3/4 cooked
2 tbsp Butter
½ Big Onion
75 gr Minced meat
2 Sausages, sliced thin
200 gr Fresh milk
100 gr Cheddar chesse, diced in cube ½ x ½ cm
2 Eggs, lightly beaten
Salt, pepper, sugar, nutmeg to taste

- In a pan, fry butter and onion till soft & fragrant.
- Add in mince meat, half cooked, then add sausages, fry until cooked.
- Add nutmeg, salt, sugar and pepper to taste.
- Add fresh milk, stir to mix well, add diced cheese, beaten eggs, stir for a while (not until too dry) and taste again before remove from fire.
- Pour in individual foil or a greased big tray.
- Steam for 10 minutes for small cup or 30 minutes for big tray.

Topping White Sauce:
1 tbsp Butter
1 tbsp Plain flour
100-150 cc Fresh milk
Salt & pepper to taste
100 gr Shredded Cheddar cheese

- In a pan, fry butter & plain flour, keep stirring.
- Gradually add in milk in small amount to dilute the plain flour until creamy.
- Add in salt & pepper to taste, remove from fire.

- Pour in the white sauce on top macaroni schotel.
- Sprinkle shredded cheese.
- Bake in preheated oven at 180C using top fire for 10-15 minutes or cheese melt.
- Best served while it hot.

Yields : 11 cup foils

Other pictures :


  1. hi DG... anak saya suka sangat makaroni cheese nih... sedap makan panas2 kan..

    re: psl ciken pie oily tuh kan, akceli hana tak penah lg try wat ciken pie gune pastry... rasanya berminyak tuh sbb kan si ayam tuh kot! maybe kene kurangkan minyak masa menggoreng dan masak agak kering.. sbb bila bakar otomatik lemak2 ayam tuh akan jd minyak.. tambah plak kandungan minyak yg ade kat pastry, tuh yg makin oily tuh... sori this just my opinion... kalau salah betol kan ah! heeee...

  2. banyak interesting menu here... i followed n linked... will try choc pancake kat bawah ni tempting

  3. They were good! Unfortunately I have one tummy otherwise I would have gone for seconds!

  4. Looks yummy! I like this dish, need to get some cheddar cheese first...will try this very soon :)

  5. Doris,
    This sure was tasty. It has meat and onions. I love the overall combination! Thanks for sharing the recipe too!

  6. My boys will love this. Thanks for sharing =)

  7. I think I tried this before, it was very delicious but I don't have the recipe. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Sorry Jess, this batch no more. Got to bake some more and Fed-ex you then LOL.

    Thanks for lovely comments and the tips on the pastry.

    Thanks for dropping by and the link :)

    Ya, same here, I really enjoyed the good food there.

    Thank you. Give it a try and hope you will like as much as I do.

    Passionate about baking,
    Thanks for the lovely comments and really glad that you like it.

    Your welcome :)

    Lucky I found the recipe too via Everything4sweets.

  9. My kids sure will like this as they love all foods with cheese, yum yum!

  10. My bf would seriously love this.. Haha.

  11. Wow, DG this is look so yummy delicious :)

  12. Sonia,
    If your kids love cheese, they will love this for sure :)

    What are you waiting for? LOL ... go and get ready to bake for him :)

    Really thanks for sharing this yummy recipe.

  13. What a great idea to bake macaroni cheese into small portions! Great for parties!

  14. Hello:)

    I am inspired by all your creations.May I know whether any of the bloggers/you provide weekly baking lessons in private? Or any baking school do you suggest?


  15. Zoe,
    Thank you. I think the same way too, that is the reason I baked in small portion :)

    Hi Anonymous,
    Thank you very much. I am flattered .... so encouraging .. :D I have not up to the level to teach, I just bake for fun during the weekend.
    I'm also a learner, I join most baking classes conducted by CC.

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    Happy Baking!

  16. Mmm...looks very delicious. I love how you bake them in small tins. Great for parties. Thanks very much for sharing.

  17. Oooo yumm! It's past midnight now and am craving for your macaroni! So hungry ;)

  18. HI (:
    Jasmine here (: Hope you do not mind that i link your blog to mine (: hope to have your support and guidance along the way (: thank you!

    my blog is:

  19. MaryMoh,
    Thank you for the sweet comments.

    Aiyoh ... then how ... so sorry .. I don't provide delivery service, but if you come, I will serve you fresh baked one :)

    The Sweetylicious,
    Thanks for visiting & linking me to your blog. I believe that we will sure share, learn & support each other along the way. :)
    Happy baking & blogging!

  20. I was reading through the recipe list and i realized that there is nothing on it that i didnt like! This look so delicious and i bet it tastes that way too!

  21. Sounds good. I like to add panko crumbs to mine too...