Kueh Bangkit

It’s been quite sometimes, where there is no baking events organized by NCC. Now, the group back with event name “Bangket Week”, there will be no excuse for me to join this, right? :) I picked the recipe from Baking Mum, cause I found the recommendations good and wanted to try it out.

This is my first time baking Kueh Bangkit, the mixing part is quite simple, however, the challenge is on the kneading part. At first I had difficulty to roll out the dough and cut with the cookie cutter, it was hard and sticky. But once you know the technique (try to roll the dough in small portion between two small plastic bags), it is very simple to do it ... :) I let my colleagues to try it, they said the cookies I made were too thin (I will take note on this, frankly speaking I didn't follow the rule to roll it by 0.5cm thickness, my mistake :( ), but the taste-wise ….. nice and melts in the mouth.

300 gr tapioca flour (I used tapioca starch)
3-4 pandan leaves

20 gr margarine or soften butter
1 egg yolk
120 gr icing sugar
120 gr coconut milk
1/4 tsp vanilla powder (I omitted this)

- Fry tapioca with the pandan leaves over low flame until fragrant and light (around 30 mins). Set aside to cool. For best result, try to use it after 1 to 2 days.
- Preheat the oven at 170C.
- Sift tapioca flour, icing sugar and vanilla powder. Add margarine or butter.
- Lightly beat egg yolk, mix with the coconut milk until combine. Add the mixture into the flour. Knead until dough is pliable. If you find dough too dry and crumbly, add more coconut milk, a tbsp at a time and knead until it is workable.
- Roll out dough on a lightly floured surface to about 1/2 cm thick. Cut with cookie cutters and pinch patterns with tweezer (optional on the pinching of patterns). Arrange them on a lined baking tray (best to use the non-stick parchment paper).
- Bake in a preheated oven for 15 mins or until it is lightly brown (not too brown).
- Cool it on a wire rack and store in an airtight container.


  1. classic cny cookies one of my favorites looks delicious DG!

  2. Very pretty and so neatly done! CNY is a couple of months away. This will be popular for the festive season.

  3. Look perfect! very uniform! Very professional made!

  4. i bought the sago flour long time ago to make tis but still in the cupboard,looks at your emmm WANNA try hhehehehe

  5. Feels like CNY looking at your kuih Bangkit! :D nicely done...looks like you can take orders during CNY now. :)

  6. hey doris,

    thanks for sharing your experience with making these cookies. your cookies are very nicely cut out and looks very good! I was planning to make them for the coming CNY, other than the usual pineapple cookies.

  7. This reminds me of Chinese New Year, this cookies are a must for CNY, I like the pattern of the cookies, good job!

  8. first time making this? gosh, this looks so beautiful! it doesnt look too thin from the photograph..looks like you're into CNY mood already!

  9. It looks perfect to me & pretty cute.... must be nice too.

  10. DG, your kueh bangkit looks so perfect and I really like to try some ;D

  11. Jess@J3ssKitch3n, busygran and hanushi,
    Thanks for the nice comments :)

    Thanks. In term of making cookies, you are the real professional. :)

    Chik Mimi,
    Hahahaha .... sama lah, biasanya baru ingat kalo udah daluwarsa (expired) :D Cepat bongkar dari cupboard, dan boleh coba .... pasti suka!

    Honeybee Sweets,
    Thank you. No lar .... still far from perfect.

  12. Bakertan,
    Thank you. You should try this recipe, I'm sure your 'makan khakis' sure will like it too. :)

    Thanks. I like the pattern too, simple and nice.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Hahahaha like Busygran said CNY is just couple months away, so it is good too for me to practise before the actual baking day ... hehhee :)

    Thanks and it is very nice.

    This is easy to make, you must try this.

  13. Wow, u are so early for cny. Bookmark this recipe! :)

  14. I am having CNY mood when seeing these cookies, so nicely done too!

  15. Small Small Baker & Jess@Bakericious,
    Thanks for the nice comments.